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Long story short

I was born and raised in the largest Brazilian ''concrete jungle'', São Paulo. Surrounded by good people, loud music, great food, insane traffic and a vast variety of cultures. Spending time watching cartoons and soap operas, dreaming about being a singer (I don't have a vocal for this I'm afraid). 


Things went differently than expected: I graduated in Communication and Media specializing in Radio, TV and Video. I started my career as a Video Editor but over the years I fell in love with animation. Then prepared myself and I decided it was time to move things around and started my journey in animation in 2017. 


However, I still felt it was missing something else. I never had the opportunity to live abroad and didn't even know how to say 'hi' in another language. So, I took 6 months of English classes, packed my stuff and came to Ireland in 2018 and this country changed my life forever. 


Since then I've been working in video productions and agencies developing explainer videos, lyrics videos, promo events, campaigns, training videos and TV spots. Working with a variety of clients such as Google, Linkedin, TikTok, KPMG and Warner Media.


I am always looking forward to exploring new techniques and during the pandemic, I started a Visual Effects postgrade and completed it last December. 



  • Working full-time as a Motion Designer 

If you want to say ''hi!'' don't be shy and contact me anytime.

I'm Karla Cerqueira

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